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  1. Having the same problem. Was going along fine using my apple air 2 to play backing tracks via bluetooth for two years and then it went into recovery mode. Hooked up my laptop with a USB cable and the driver was bad. Don't know how all of a sudden the driver could be bad. Downloaded a new driver and the updater would finally recognize the Amplifi 150. Installed the latest 2.6 update and everything seemed to work fine for the next hour. Came back a few hours later and it's in recovery mode again. Tried an older update and it is still in recovery mode. Can't find the serial number so I couldn't put in a support ticket. Did my tablet automatically update the software without me asking? If so, then it's got to be some type of bug on Line 6's part. I didn't do anything. Now I think it's a $500 brick. I've searched everything and done everything the experts have said. It's not me.
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