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  1. Yeah, I believe they're each 60 watts. They are Vintage 30s.
  2. I am looking at a stereo power amp to power a 4x12 cabinet. This particular amp has 2x100w solid state channels. It can do bridged mono at 8ohms, but my cabinets are 4 or 16. What I'm curious to know is: could you take the two outputs from the Helix, run one each into each channel of the power amp, then run each channel into a stereo cab? I don't care about stereo effects, I'm just wondering if you would get a level closer to 200w of output power using this method since two halves of the cabinet would be pushing 100w each of an identical signal? Or is that just not how it works?
  3. Hey everyone! New Line 6 owner here. Later this week I'm going to be doing a trial run where I use my HD Pro X live to a PA system and then run the dry-out signal into my conventional amp for on-stage volume. Does anyone know if the Dry Out is an isolated output in the sense that it can prevent ground loops from occurring via an isolation transformer (or similar)? I don't want to drag all the gear out only to find that linking the Line 6 to a real amp could cause a ground loop and some nasty sounds because of it. Thanks! :)
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