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  1. 3.01 update didn't fix the issue I was having. I guess I just can't use the spillover function until it actually works.
  2. It's not the pedals, I'm pretty certain. I messed around with it some more yesterday, and it is just strange. It always happens after being on for a while, after functioning as it should for at least 10 minutes. Once it starts, I always have to click twice to switch any patch. If I'm on 1A and I click 1D, no sound will come through, at all. But then if I click 1D again, it switches. Or if I click 1A again, it will load, too. It seems like a bug the more and more I mess with it, but I feel like the only one experiencing it.
  3. They aren't. I built these patches after the update, and after I switched to spillover mode. It doesn't do it all of the time, either. If I just turned on the Helix, there is no issue. But after about 10 minutes, it starts happening. Then if I turn it off and back on, it's fine again.
  4. This is probably the first time I've posted here, because this is the first issue I've had that I can't find any info on. I updated my Helix LT to 3.0 (and my HX Edit, too) and I set it to the new mode that allows you to sacrifice one dsp chain to have no lag between presets. However, after my LT has been on for a few minutes, all of a sudden the patches are silent when I switch. I have to press the button again to hear anything. I.e. I'm on 23A and I switch to 23d, I won't hear anything unless I press it twice. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of no lags between presets. Anyone know the issue behind this? Is it a bug, or something I did?
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