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  1. It's definitely not your normal connection for their foot switch. I wasn't sure if there was a special cable that you could buy that would connect between the Helix and the PRS head? I couldn't find one
  2. Seeing if anyone has any experience with channel switching with the helix and a prs archon amp.
  3. It goes back to normal if you change the batch and go right back? Is the gain or volume moving at all. I know its a different animal but my vetta, dt 50 and even pod hd would get a volume or gain drop. I would always try and set most of the knobs to zero. I don't know just an idea maybe.
  4. Not sure. If like something loud enough to play a decent sized venue. I've got a 50 watt prs archon now running into a2x12 mesa rec cab. I think full range is the way to go. I'd be happy with a wedge. Not sure how that would work in a band room. Not sure what I really want to do yet.
  5. Never mind. Full range speakers. I never thought about that. I figured I'd want to keep my mesa cab. If I do that then I don't need to purchase an amp either.
  6. I've had a ton of line 6 gear over the years. Pod'Bean', Vetta II, Variax, Pod hd, DT 50.... I sold everything and went to a tube amp running a G system.. I'm board... HA... I miss line 6.. So I'm looking to sell my head and gsystem.. I think I want the rack Helix and purchase the foot controller.. My question is what type of amp am I going to need to run this into my mesa 2x12. I saw a post on facebook where a guy was running Seymore Duncan amp?? Is the amp going to color the Helix?? I've tried running a 4 cable method with my pod into my head/amps and never happy with the sound quality.. Thanks
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