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  1. Hey. Was wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Marshall VS100 head with 3 channels (clean / OD1 / OD2). It has a 2 button footswitch that connects to a single TRS 1/4 Jack. All buttons off means clean / left button on means OD1, and all buttons on mean OD2). In case it matters, left button off / right button on is also clean. So given that I am getting 3 amp functions with a single 1/4 TRS jack now, how does that translate to what outputs I need to use for the Helix FX? Could I get access to all 3 channels from a single one of those amp/exp Helix outputs, or would I need some Y cable thing and use both of those Helix outputs? Or is it impossible in either case? Any ideas? Trying to see if id have the ability to control all 3 channels with one of the Helix AMP / EXP outputs so I could still use an expression pedal for the other Helix AMP / EXP output.
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