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  1. YES.... It worked. I did it a bit different than the video, I just reversed the amp learning process. I had the amp learn the switches after I programmed the Instant (lightning bolt). If you play with your amp and Helix enough you should be able to get it working. I guess the tech guys at line 6 should take lessons from Lan Eisenberg, because they said it couldn't be done. Good Luck guys! THANKS HonestOpinion I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi, Guys thanks for the reply. I need the Helix to switch my Carvin v3 channels via MIDI, within a snapshot. I can do it with stomp mode, but not through a Snapshot. I called Line 6 and they said it could not be done. I was hoping they would see this post, and maybe if I get more people on board they would fix this problem.
  3. PLEASE make it so the Helix can switch my external amp (Carvin V3) channels using a snapshot switch!!!! It's a great unit, but that would make it perfect!
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