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    Guitar, Motorcycles, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Skateboarding, Church.

    Started playing guitar 32 years ago and still going. :D
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  1. Wait till you figure out how to use it! ;) I'm already creating my own patches having a lot of fun getting the sounds in my head to come out of my amp. :)
  2. Thanks man! Appreciate it!
  3. I just got my HD500x today, and I already love it. I'm a bit of a pedal snob and have always preferred to use individual stomp boxes. The truth is my taste is well above my budget (like most of us). My delay pedal recently crapped out and I had to make a decision. It was either replace it along with a few others, or try the Line 6. Well so far I'm more than impressed. There are so many effects and amp models at my disposal I couldn't possibly come close without lighting my credit card on fire. I also took playing out into consideration and how easy it would be to lug this around rather than build a pedalboard and all the hassle that goes with it. I've already tweaked a couple stock patches to my liking and plan on creating more. Plus there's a looper and tuner built in. Can't really go wrong with the price either. That said, I waffled for a couple weeks over buying this thing and I'm really glad I did.
  4. Hi all, I got my HD500x dropped on my door step a few hours ago. All I can say is I freaking love this thing! I'm starting to (slowly) figure out how to use it. I managed to figure out how to record a basic rhythm loop, but I would like to lower the volume of the loop while I'm soloing over it. Any help is appreciated!
  5. How do you find the model packs once they are unlocked? Say the "Metal" ones?
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