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  1. Hi Once you have bought the hd500x model packs..what do you need to do to get them on your pod?
  2. Thanks. Can you do this using the edit software?
  3. Hi all. I'm struggling with something so I hope someone here can help me. I want a patch where I have 2 amps. One clean and then one heavy...simple enough. I can't seem to get the footswitch assignment correct whereby I want to hit a footswitch that em goes from clean to the crunch amp...and also turns off the clean amp?
  4. I used to be able to change patches on my Digitech rp500 with no lag or sound loss. I use the hd500x in fs 1-8 mode but the sound loss switching from one patch to another was my first noticeable negative.
  5. I know...it's highly unlikely...but imagine if they could. You could download say fuzz packs...with different fuzzed in...distortion packs...more options using the latest pedals from independent companies.
  6. I was thinking more range. I use the rat..big muff but would like to see more boutique pedals to try...say red witch...rhino etc.. Just a thought
  7. Hi I really wish Line6 would sell or put up new individual effects to download. That would be an awesome addition. Would/could this be possible?
  8. Hi I've been trying to easily create a kind of shimmer effect like the Edge from U2 uses. I think I have seen this on the Helix. Ideally as simple as possible to allow to take up say 2 blocks and operate with one footswitch. The nearest I get is the Octo reverb....which I love but wanted to get it a bit more shimmery?. Any ideas guys?.
  9. I've experimented with this and found the fs5-8 mode really useful. I found I was using the same amp (s) but wanted more pedals to use on/off just like a 'real'amp/ pedal situation. I now have the best of both worlds...and labelled up my foot switches. .
  10. Yes...I was thinking along the same line as your suggestion. It'll all be for home use so I think I'll put my cash twards a nice set of speakers as I can get all the tones I need from my POD (I spend a long time tweaking my patches). On the pedal front........is it a case of guitar into the pedals....then pedals into the guitar slot on the POD?. or do you need to do anything on the edit software to get thes ein the loop?. (Forgive my lack of knowlege)
  11. http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/accessories/pc-speakers/51738/orange-amplification-micro-terror-ppc108-review When looking for some PC speakers to use for my HD500X I stumbled across this possible option?. Could be the best of both worlds for my home practice?. A nice little valve amp when I want to use any pedals...OR to plug in the POD into the AUX port on the Amp (as this appears to by-pass the pre-amp)?. Would this work or have I read this wrong?.
  12. Hi As a kinda one man band I've been looking at the Digitech Trio pedal...where it fills in Bass and drums. Would this be usuable plugged into the POD 500X as a separate pedal plugged into the back?. Cheers
  13. Hi I tried plugging in some really old cheap PC speakers and was actually quite impressed. The sound was ok and each patch I have created wasn't affected in any way. The mission now is to get a better grade set of speakers which will ensure a wider range of sound is heard...i.e more bass than what I am currently hearing. All in all a great piece of advice from pianoguyy so thank you for a) saving me money from buying a new amp and b) ensuring I'm hearing what I am used to hearing when I play through my headphones. I guess it was obvious as I bought the 500X because of the array of sounds....amps and effects available..now it's not going to get distorted by playing through another amp.
  14. Something like these I think would work?. I can plug into the headphone socket on the POD and away we go.... http://www.johnlewis.com/logitech-z150-multimedia-speakers-black/p1575102 This should sound better then through a small amp and will save me a load of cash! (so thank you)
  15. Ahhh I see. We certainly have a wide choice of PC speakers over here. With a 3.5mm jack where would I plug these into on the POD?....andwhat wattage (speakers) would you recommend?. Thanks for the info....just trying to get the best sound out the POD.
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