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    Functionality With Fbv Shortboard Mk Ii

    I have previously purchased a Amplifi 150, and just recently got the MKII floorboard to go with. I have noticed a few quirky things that I am wondering are normal with the combination. My setup is an Ipad Amplifi 150 MKII Shortboard. The issues I have with them is when I have the ipad paired with the amp, there is a long delay when switching tones, and if I am jamming along to a track over bluetooth, it even pauses the music for a half second or so. The other issue is when the ipad is paired, the lights and display do not work on the floorboard, but the floorboard does function normally. It works most flawless when the amp is not paired with anything. The floorboard works correctly, and lights are lit properly, display works, tuner works etc. Is this all normal? Or is there something I can do to fix my problems? Thanks