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  1. While I duly acknowledge that what I've done to two Relay G10's in modifying them must certainly void the warranty, in fact my modifications have greatly improved the reliability of these units. The modification consists of wiring an ordinary 5.6 millimeter power jack in parallel with the big electrolytic capacitor on the receiver board, and properly mounting that power jack in the enclosure. The mod also entails removing the mini-USB plug from the power-supply cord and replacing it with a power plug that mates with said jack. The USB jack is left untampered with, so (presuming it has not already been damaged) it can still be used with a USB cable to run firmware updates with a computer. To the best of my knowledge, the green wire and the white wire within the USB cable are not used at all by the power supply, and are only present for use in firmware updating and possibly troubleshooting. Because the solder joints on the filter cap are very small and hard to get at, and because the USB cable is somewhat too large in diameter to fit the power plug optimally, this kind of modification requires patience and craftsmanship. Cheers, Richard W. Faith
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