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  1. Thanks for your feedback, FYI Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier it has 3 mono jack 1/4 and also ENGL Powerball ( 2 mono/ stereo jack) for footswitch and I have tried with FS 6 BOSS and Foot Controller FCB 1010 from Behringer (not via midi) still using 1/4 Jack mono or Stereo works perfectly. While when I tried as per my point No. 3 & 4 these are based on instruction video Helix on youtube to switch Mesa Boogie Tri rec amp since this device released. I choose Helix due to has a feature like FS 6 BOSS or Behringer FCB 1010 as channel switcher , so ... still have big question on this matter Better line 6 team to explain this matter, so that it will be clear
  2. Dear Line 6 team I am a Helix LT user since one year ago, I implemented Helix LT as a pedal board/ effect unit, so the tone using real tube amps, there are four amps I implement that I have. So I used the External Amp facility in Helix to switch the channel 1. Marshall DSL 40 watt with two channel (set up in4 CM) work well.... I love it 2. Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier with two channel (set up in 4 CM) work well.... I love it But real problem are : 3. Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with 3 Channels (Set up in 8 CM/ spliter from 1 cable stereo to 2 mono cable ) doesn't work (can not switching the channel) and sounded noisy come from send return 4. ENGL Powerball with 4 Channels (Set up in 8 CM/ spliter from 1 cable stereo to 1 stereo cable ) switching channel works but sounded noisy but drive, which sounded distortion only and no clean sound I always hope this can be solved when there is the latest firmware, the reality until the last version of July 2018 version 2.6 it has not been solved, even the noise is louder sounded on Mesa Triple Rec and ENGL, obviously I really disappointed because in the Helix's feature declared this facility can work well Need your clarification from you that more tangible, because besides this problem I really like Helix, for your info I have tried this issue on Helix Floor of my friend and the result is the same problem. Thanks a bunch in advance, your feedback is meaningful for me Best Regards ROY
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