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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, New HX Effect user here, first post. It seems there have been many threads regarding the quirks with the expression pedal but I haven't seen this one yet. My issue is that the expression pedal position seems to be affected by the state of another block - namely the Ext Amp control. When the Ext. amp button is off (clean channel on amp), the heel position only returns to 3%, not 0. When ON (overdrive) it does return to 0. This is especially problematic with whammy effects... I expect the heel position to be the unaffected note, but it's 3% sharp. I'm using a line6 EX-1 expression pedal connected with a short TS patch cable. I've tried to swap cables, same result. The result is also the same whether the amp is connect through the EXP 2 jack or not so it's not a grounding issue there. I suspect it may be an interference issue between the 2 EXP/Amp jacks? Anyone else experiencing this? I could make a short video to demonstrate. Thanks
  2. Hello, I receive my Helix HX yesterday and I can't figure out how to use the Ext Amp function. What I want to do is to trigger the amp channel when selecting a preset. I read all the documentation about v 2.50 (even though i am on the latest 2.82, but the documentation available is not the documentation of the latest version). What I tried is to : - create a new effect by clicking on an empty preset, and then the edit button. - go to the command center - Select the EXP pedal 1 - Press "Save" Before doing that I changed the EXP 1 and EXP 2 to EXT AMP in the Global Settinds -> Preferences. This did not work at all, and I feel that I can not save my command center setting to my effect. I was using a Harley Benton FXL8 Pro to switch my Amp channel until now and it worked fine. I use a Mesa Boogie dual Rectifier. Any help would be appreciated. PS : I tried with the software HX Edit and I couldnt find how to assign an amp switch to an Preset as well. Antoine
  3. Hi All, just got my HX effects. plugged into my Victory VX countess using 4 cable method and TRS cable for amp switching. Got the amp to switch fine at first and saved but for some reason the switching keeps changing and switching my clean to crunch without warning then won't work at all. Please help. I would appreciate any help as i'm thinking of sending it back through frustration.
  4. Hello! Anyone out there using HX Effects with Tech21 Trademark 60? I recently got the Hx fx. Wonderful gear. Full of great features. Used some pods before. Recently Pod Hd500x. But the Helix family seems to take it a step further. I got the HX Effects to try to make the most of it and its features. I use the loops, loop 1 to insert some pedals (mainly distortions) and loop 2 to make the 4 Cable Method (4CM). I have an expression pedal on input 1 and was trying to control my amp functions with the Ext Amp 2. So far I was able to change channel but I can't access any other functions on my amp. Can't control Boost/Reverb function neither Fx loop on/off. The only thing I can think about is that this happens because my Trademark amp usually uses a standard (mono, Tip/sleeve) cable to connect to its original footswitch and I think the Hx Fx is supposed to use a TRS jack cable. I've tried both with the same result. I can only switch between amp channels. While reading the manual trying to solve this I came across something that worried me because I really don't know what it means: "IMPORTANT! Connect EXT AMP 1/2 only to amplifiers that utilize "shortto-sleeve" footswitch inputs. Connecting to any other sort of input could cause permanent damage to both your amp and the HX Effects device! If you're not sure if your amp has short-to-sleeve inputs, contact the manufacturer." I don't know what "short-to-sleeve" means... and if this amp applies or not. Could this be the problem? Am I in risk of damaging my gear? Anyone can think of something that might help me? Thank you so much! Keep rocking and rolling!
  5. Dear Line 6 team I am a Helix LT user since one year ago, I implemented Helix LT as a pedal board/ effect unit, so the tone using real tube amps, there are four amps I implement that I have. So I used the External Amp facility in Helix to switch the channel 1. Marshall DSL 40 watt with two channel (set up in4 CM) work well.... I love it 2. Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier with two channel (set up in 4 CM) work well.... I love it But real problem are : 3. Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with 3 Channels (Set up in 8 CM/ spliter from 1 cable stereo to 2 mono cable ) doesn't work (can not switching the channel) and sounded noisy come from send return 4. ENGL Powerball with 4 Channels (Set up in 8 CM/ spliter from 1 cable stereo to 1 stereo cable ) switching channel works but sounded noisy but drive, which sounded distortion only and no clean sound I always hope this can be solved when there is the latest firmware, the reality until the last version of July 2018 version 2.6 it has not been solved, even the noise is louder sounded on Mesa Triple Rec and ENGL, obviously I really disappointed because in the Helix's feature declared this facility can work well Need your clarification from you that more tangible, because besides this problem I really like Helix, for your info I have tried this issue on Helix Floor of my friend and the result is the same problem. Thanks a bunch in advance, your feedback is meaningful for me Best Regards ROY
  6. There is only one "Ext Amp" controller output on the Helix right now. Many modern and even older amps require at least a couple of "Ext Amp" controller outputs to take full advantage of the channel switching and features available on the amp. Don't know how the "CV" output is wired, but if it is possible it would be nice if there was a way to modify the firmware settings to allow the current "CV" output to double as a second "Ext Amp 2" controller. Both external controllers should allow flexible firmware switching of stereo (TRS) plugs to accommodate as many amps as possible. I think the number of people who have a "CV" requirement will be far less than those who would like to have a second controller output for their amp. You can vote for it here in Ideascale
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