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  1. Thanks again, Phil! Hmm, it would seem an easy thing to implement, especially if you can record DI to re-amp, which may include some wah or other expression FX from the original source. Maybe something they could look at in future updates?
  2. I'm fairly new to the POD GO and I've tried various ways of recording, including bypassing my Presonus interface and using POD Go as my interface, recording to a stereo track via USB 1&2 to capture the processed sound, while recording the dry signal to another track using USB 3. This seems to work as it should. The problem I'm having is I'd like an option to record MIDI CC using the expression pedal, the most basic example being wah. I can't seem to get it working, either using POD Go as an interface or my Presonus. I use Reaper as my DAW and POD Go is recognized as a MIDI device using either interface. I've been recording forever and using Reaper for at least 13 years, so I'm quite familiar with the program. In fact, I used the Line 6 M13 for this very thing without any issues in the past. Maybe I'm missing something or it just isn't doable?
  3. Thanks, Phil. That's what I thought. To be a further PITA, I'll probably want to replace the power supply with something a little more heavy duty and definitely a longer cord. Would you happen to know what I'd be looking for there or if Line 6 sells a better, more durable option?
  4. I just bought and registered my POD Go. Simple question: I've owned a lot of Line 6 gear over the years, right back to the original 'vintage' POD, and they always came with paper manuals/booklets, usually an owner's manual and a Pilot's Guide. I didn't get anything like that with the POD Go, only the warranty, Firmware and Cheat Sheet paperwork. Was the box missing the manuals, or are they only available online? (Sometimes it's faster and easier to flip through a book.) Thanks...
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