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  1. The correct question maybe is: I use Rockboard mod 1 v2 patchbox. If I plug one TRS from LEFT out to my Rockboard Mod v2. Can I use Mono or Stereo cable depending on each situation? Must I changue something to use the trs to xlr? Thanks again
  2. Hi everyone!! I´m new with HX Stomp and I have a question. I have a strymon timeline, hx stomp, compresor and overdrive pedal. I wanna use my compressor and overdrive pedal before Hx stomp. Timeline as my main delay machine. I wanna ask you If I can put the timeline in stereo in the FX Loop of the hx stomp and use the hx stomp for two purposes. 1- Play at home and recording plug in in to my audio interface in stereo mode (I read I can use a TRS to XLR with the Left output for this) (Maybe I will use this function sometime on stage too.) 2-With the HX stomp just for effects connected to my Deluxe Reverb 65. Can I use the left ouput with TRS to XLR at home (for stereo recording) and with mono jack to amp (for effects without amp simulation)? I wanna plug with TRS output of the hx stomp to my RocKboard Mod 1 v2 and then connect to the options I need with the rockboard mod 1 v2. Thanks you all I wanna wire my pedalboard and I´m not sure about this.
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