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  1. See my post on the previous page. https://line6.com/support/topic/22109-relay-g10-usb-input-poor-design/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-256136
  2. Here's a different mod, if you don't mind using usb, you just want a more secure connection. I bought a female usb A connector with cable, intended for mounting in a cabinet. The cable has just two leads, so it's for power only, not data transfer. Soldered the cable to the capasitor. Unsoldered and removed the xlr connector. Mounted the usb connector where the xlr connector used to be. Now you can connect with a regular male-to-male usb cable. You can still use the micro usb for firmware updates, but it's probably not a good idea to use both at the same time. Of course, you don't have to remove the xlr connector. I just did it because I never use it, and the usb connector was the same diameter. You can probably get a smaller connector and make a hole for it somewhere.
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