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  1. Hey, this is amazing! I was thinking about buying a Spider Jam amp because I was ant looping and recording but this makes me want to try this idea with an Amplifi or Spider V 30 (think it'll work with that?). Do you have a video of you doing this? And are you saying that if I have a clean guitar setting on Amplifi and record my first loop on Loopy it will retain those settings, then for my second Loopy loop change Amplifi to distorted, Loopy will record the 2nd loop with distortion? I.e., you. Can have a bunch of Loopy loops with all sorts of effects from Amplifi? And if I record 6 tracks, they all play back through the amp? I could make a 6 part guitar song (each using different effects from the amp) and Amplifi would play them all back at one time? Ie, Loopy is just like a pedal looper, except better because it works both ways via USB and grabs the effects of the amp? If so ... awesome!
  2. Thanks Nick for the helpful info. It helps me know which amp to buy. FYI ... I too wish there was a spider jam version of the V. I'm likely to buy the Jam because of the recording features.
  3. Thanks much. Anyone else have a thought on this?
  4. Does anybody know what year their spider jam was made if they bought it in the last year or two? With Fender guitars, for example, the serial number tells you what year it was made. Example: a serial number who's first four characters/digits are MX14 means it was made in Mexico in 2014. If you bought a spider jam in the last year? Is there a similar way to tell when it was made? I ask because I'd like to buy one brand-new sealed in box from a local store or Sweetwater or wherever, but I don't want it to be made in 2011 or something. I just prefer an amp that hasn't been sitting in a box in a warehouse for five years. Thanks!
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