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  1. Did you ever get this issue resolved? I just purchased a new Helix and the Freman presets, and I am having the exact same issue:


    Also, on the Freman presets that are snapshots, the volume only works on the first snapshot.  EXP 1.  



    Would appreciate some verification from anyone using Fremen's snapshot patches without a Variax. I am trying to determine if my Helix (ver 2.11) is/is not behaving with his snapshot presets. 


    EX: In his Floyd patch set, please try MoneyRTM+LD 3S


    1. When first loaded, Snapshot 1 the volume pedal works as normal (EXP1 scribble lights up)

    2. Switch to any other Snapshot and volume pedal no longer functions (EXP2 scribble lights up)

    3. Switch back to Snapshot 1, volume pedal no longer works (scribble stays at EXP2)


    Feedback would be much appreciated, thx!

    1. surfsup1955


      Nope Freeman never helped me solve this. I had the exact same issues. I removed all of his presets from my Helix, took the loss ($$) and never looked back - I build my own now. 


      I still have the Freman files and would gladly send them to anyone who wants to try to solve the issue.



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