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  1. Thanx for the reply... From what i see PF1 is not available on Windows 10 I guess i can download the Windows 7 version and run it on compatibility mode Is it 64-bit compatible though or do i have to jbridge it?
  2. Hi there,haven't used this forum in years...been using the GearBox and PodFarm plugins with ToneportKB37 in Cubase for a long time. I just got a new PC with Windows 10 64-bit and upgraded to Cubase 9,5 Hooked ToneportKB37 on with no problems,run the Line 6 Monkey which did its usual job as well as Line 6 License Manager which even though it authorizes my Computer on DEVICES when i go to my Line6 Account it doesn't show on my Authorized Devices ...only shows my other/older PC and ToneportKB37 When i open PodFarm 2 on Cubase it says" No Pod Farm 2 licence found" and it prompts me to go to the Licence Manager...but when i click that nothing happens and only functions on demo mode I attach screenshots of everything... Can someone please help? Thanx...
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