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  1. Hello, I am just wondering how everyone records. I have been plugging my guitar directly into my audio interface and using the Native plugin as well plugging my Helix floor into my audio interface via 1/4 output. Is there any preference to which is better? I don’t use my helix as an audio interface as some people do.
  2. Hello everyone, This may be a silly question but I thought I ask. I purchased a Shuriken, when it arrived I noticed on the pickup it has protective clear tape on it. The guitar was shipped setup/stringed, is there a reason for this clear plastic on the pickup or can it be taken off the pickup?
  3. Hello, I just purchased a Shuriken Variax and was wondering if having a Helix LT/Floor would benefit the guitar in anyway as to processing/sound quality/responsiveness. I have seen videos that show you can change the guitar's model/tuning with the Helix and Line6 cable but besides configuring the setup on the guitar itself does having a Helix add any additional benefits to the sound of the guitar or does the Variax still process the guitar models? I have a HX Stomp and HX Native so I was just wondering if getting a LT/Floor would have any benefits? I don't do any gigs, just mostly recording projects from time to time.
  4. Thanks for the reply kovaxx, you have the same setup I am trying to do with Logic. I connect to my Mac via USB from the Stomp. When I build patches I use the built in Amp/Cab or use an Amp block and use 3rd party IR. The IR's sound a bit better but nothing like your sample. Is there anything I need to set on the Stomp or Logic? Any tweaks with the Amps or Cabs to attain a clear sonically pleasant sound?
  5. I have been trying to get a decent guitar sound into Logic with Native and the using the HX Stomp. I created patches in both but they sound terrible. Anyone recommend any tips to get a good sound out of these products. When I create a patch its sounds thin and very digital, something like early modellers 20 years go.
  6. I work in media design and have been using Logic Pro with Helix Native. I been using the Scarlett products and my HX Stomp as a audio interface. A colleague recently mentioned that I should move to a Universal Audio Interface for better quality of sound. What are your guys thoughts on this? I primary record guitars and use built in virtual instruments for production via midi keyboards. Thanks for your input.
  7. Hi, I have my POD HD 500x connect to my tube amp via the 4 cabe method. If I place a tube screamer in the begining of my signal chain on the POD will it accomplish the same result as if I had a Maxon/Ibanez tube screamer pedal hooked up? Sorry if this a nood question I am new to the POD...still learning all the ins and outs of this device.
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