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  1. Hello Using the four cable method with my amp, as it captures the preamp can you then run the preamp to an IR and bypass the power section of the amp? Just wondering if this possible with the helix or would I need to get a device like a reactive load box?
  2. Hi guys I have my Shuriken Variax and helix connected together, just checking if you guys could suggest what guitar models pair best with which Helix amp models. Thanks.
  3. I am having issues with my Shuriken, it sounds muffled and dark. Can I refresh it? Any ideas.
  4. Hello, What is the most optimal signal chain for best results from the guitar into my daw where I use Native. I currently have a Clarret interface, radial direct box, and Hx stomp. What signal flow do you guys think would be best.
  5. Hello, I have a Stomp and love it, I was looking at upgrading to a Helix LT. Just wondering is Line6 going been putting a new version of the Helix out anytime soon, I see NAMM is this week, just wondering if they are going to announce some new machine and if I should wait. As well I been seeing there is a issue with the expression pedal on the LT's, is this still a issue?
  6. I noticed that I can no longer run Line6 Monkey on my Mac. It only runs the new Line6 Updater. How do I now uprage the firmware on my Variax Shuriken?
  7. Hello, I am just wondering how everyone records. I have been plugging my guitar directly into my audio interface and using the Native plugin as well plugging my Helix floor into my audio interface via 1/4 output. Is there any preference to which is better? I don’t use my helix as an audio interface as some people do.
  8. Hello everyone, This may be a silly question but I thought I ask. I purchased a Shuriken, when it arrived I noticed on the pickup it has protective clear tape on it. The guitar was shipped setup/stringed, is there a reason for this clear plastic on the pickup or can it be taken off the pickup?
  9. Hello, I just purchased a Shuriken Variax and was wondering if having a Helix LT/Floor would benefit the guitar in anyway as to processing/sound quality/responsiveness. I have seen videos that show you can change the guitar's model/tuning with the Helix and Line6 cable but besides configuring the setup on the guitar itself does having a Helix add any additional benefits to the sound of the guitar or does the Variax still process the guitar models? I have a HX Stomp and HX Native so I was just wondering if getting a LT/Floor would have any benefits? I don't do any gigs, just mostly recording projects from time to time.
  10. Thanks for the reply kovaxx, you have the same setup I am trying to do with Logic. I connect to my Mac via USB from the Stomp. When I build patches I use the built in Amp/Cab or use an Amp block and use 3rd party IR. The IR's sound a bit better but nothing like your sample. Is there anything I need to set on the Stomp or Logic? Any tweaks with the Amps or Cabs to attain a clear sonically pleasant sound?
  11. I have been trying to get a decent guitar sound into Logic with Native and the using the HX Stomp. I created patches in both but they sound terrible. Anyone recommend any tips to get a good sound out of these products. When I create a patch its sounds thin and very digital, something like early modellers 20 years go.
  12. I work in media design and have been using Logic Pro with Helix Native. I been using the Scarlett products and my HX Stomp as a audio interface. A colleague recently mentioned that I should move to a Universal Audio Interface for better quality of sound. What are your guys thoughts on this? I primary record guitars and use built in virtual instruments for production via midi keyboards. Thanks for your input.
  13. Hi, I have my POD HD 500x connect to my tube amp via the 4 cabe method. If I place a tube screamer in the begining of my signal chain on the POD will it accomplish the same result as if I had a Maxon/Ibanez tube screamer pedal hooked up? Sorry if this a nood question I am new to the POD...still learning all the ins and outs of this device.
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