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  1. I had the exact same problem. I started playing around with the settings then I could not get it to reset by holding the Clean channel when powering up. My guitar sounded like crap. I couldn't get it tuned properly. Here is what I found. First I powered the amp off. Then I turned all the controls except main volume to zero. Next I turned the special effects all the way up. I held the Clean channel button down while powering up. After the lights flashed, I turned the special effects knobs to zero and I got it to turn off all delays and the TAP LED stopped flashing. I was able to re-tune and got the greatest most mellow sound I had ever got from a guitar. After I finished practicing, I tried the other three channels with my foot switch. Then I tried the Clean channel and the special effects came back. Next I will try the procedure to turn them off I described above and try to save that setting by holding the Clean channel button down like it says in the manual. I can't really find any videos on how to set up the Spider Classic 15, just demos showing off certain sounds. Please let me know if you find anything further.
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