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  1. Thanks, L3apr. I understand that but it does not work on other than the clean channel. I think it may if you reset to factory first but I don't want to fuk with that right now, and that would mean resetting to factory every time you wanted to reprogram any model. If I tap Insane model, turn down every single knob to off, then set the bass, mid, treble to 5, give it a bit volume - there is still some distortion. Not like insane model, but definitely some echo and some other fx - not sure what. My feeling is the amp is not defective. There are too many people with the problem. I think the description of the amp's abilities to set custom model profiles are misleading. I am very curious if you or anyone can do the following: Set the clean model to your own custom model. Save it. Set any other model, say insane, to utterly clean as well and save it. Is the sound now clean on the insane model as well? Was it before the save? I don't have a foot switch. Can't see why that would affect it but nevertheless, try with and without.
  2. Yes, I know this is a user forum and I appreciate all the folks that take the time and effort to sort out problems and give advice in forums such as this without compensation. However, one would think after 7 years or so, Line6 would have figured out a way to post a notice of some kind in this user forum, about this bug. Google it - people have been posting on it since 2009, and sometimes getting advised to return the unit as defective, as they still are in other current threads. It's not rocket science. Probably just pinning a thread on it would work.Fixing the problem would work even better.
  3. Thank you so much Cabrilio, that worked for me. But that is quite a bug, and no one from Line 6 is here to post a bulletin or something about it? We had to rely on a guy with exactly one post (and the smarts to experiment on his own!). Not very good support, Line6 :(
  4. Hi, I just started playing around with my new AMP. Even after a reset, a power off/on, with FX both off, Drive turned full left, there are still a lot of FX in Clean mode. And the TAP LED is flashing! Why? FX are both off - why would the LED flash? But the main issue is I can't get a clean sound. Also, I tried saving these settings (no FX, etc) to another profile - the lights flash but the profile sound does not change. I'm pretty sure out of the box the sound was clean on CLEAN profile but no longer, and again, I reset to factory but it is still not clean. My guitar is an Epi Les Paul Studio - nothing special about it and does not exhibit this behavior with other amps. Help, please!
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