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  1. Yeah thanks. I think it's Vetta 1. I found this topic based on that information: http://line6.com/support/topic/3350-can-anyone-identify-this-cabinet/ But still there is not much information available. But at least it got a name.
  2. Hey, i have a little problem and i hope someone can help me. A long time ago I bought a Line6 4x12 cabinet on ebay. I had no idea what I was buying and what specifications it had. I just wanted to play with my Spider II 150HD. Luckily everything worked and didn't blow up and I had a lot of fun. But now it is time to sell the cabinet, because I have no space for it. But since I don't know anything about it on the tech side I can't estimate the value nor promote it appropriately. A already asked the guys in a big musicians' store without success and I can't register the product, because the serial number [(21)CABA5307000376] seemes to be useless for that. I attached some pictures. If someone could help me I would be very happy.
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