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  1. I can see both points in where musicians could benefit or not benefit from the offline editor. I do think it would be a great benefit for traveling musicians that use the Helix professionally in their rigs, and fly dates. I often travel between venues and while I know the songs, tempos and values for my time-based effects, I have to waste time after I arrive doing all that programming because there is no AC available during transport and time is extremely limited from the time the musicians are ready for line/sound checks until the performance. Being able to, as others have mentioned, set these things up in-route, and simply connect and sync back to the Helix would cut between 15 and 30 minutes off my setup time for each performance, which is to the benefit of the FOH and monitor engineers, and while playing, I can be confident that when I hit the next snapshot or preset, I have the exact sound and time-based effects fully in sync with the click track and/or drummer. I think Line 6 really has a solid justification for expanding their development staff to further cater to their valued customers, especially after the pre-Helix nightmares a lot of musicians had around reliability and product quality during times when the company was too focussed on other musician products (i.e. wireless systems, PA systems, and of course the dreaded effort spent pushing L6 Link and Variax features in order to get sounds anywhere close to what the Helix is capable of. In the end, my vote is 75% interest in offline editor/preset-snapshot manager, and 25% for more bells and whistles inside the Helix itself. Its already possible to fairly easily exhaust both CPU's if you are running a stereo rig with a center dry setup, managing effects toggles through snapshots (I run Helix with 8 snapshots, 1 preset per song). Hopefully others share my opinion on this topic, but either way, I felt it worth making my opinion known. Thanks for the ability for this to be possible, Line 6.
  2. I have begun using the M13 directly into a tube amp's clean channel, and notice the same 1-2db boost in level whenever I engage a modulation effect with the M13. I used to split my send between fx2 and fx3 with 4-cable method and an amp that had an effects loop, and had the same trouble there. With my current amp not having an effects loop, I disabled that split and still have the same issue. I also tried using a different bank and a factory reset of the unit to no avail. For me, this is highly annoying because I like to add a very subtle chorus to my clean tone, which I cannot do with the M13. I would rather not have to buy a chorus pedal and put IT into the M13 effects loop... Anyone have any ideas or settings i can try to accomplish a similar textural effect without the boost (or buying more pedals)?
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