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  1. Quite enjoying the Spider V with the mkII update but the Spider Remote app while great seems to have some options that are merely an afterthought or simply missing functionality altogether. Some quality of life updates to the remote would be nice because it is basically a practice amp -- for most if not all owners -- that is used from the comfort of our couch. Being able to use a mouse/smartphone/tablet to do these things would be nice; This is not just about me being lazy, well maybe a little but I am also thinking about users that don't have that kind of mobility that would like to have some ease of usage. Anyway, the things that would be nice to make this app more complete; Starting/stopping or changing the metronome needs to be done from the unit (Yet, there seems to be this lost option on v2.0 that allows changing the metronome speed) The looper can only be triggered via the unit or a FBV pedal (Yes. I get that this is an incentive to get a pedal, but for the practice amp usecase it is overkill. At the very least can there be support for the FBV2 where long pressing switch 1 and 2 triggers the tuner and toggles the metronome respectively? Being able to trigger the tuner from the app The built-in drum loops can only be triggered or altered from the unit itself (AFAIK this can't be done with the FBV either)
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