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  1. Thanks Fremen, I bought all your preset pack and enjoyed them so much! Save me lots of time. would you consider doing presets by request? If possible, can you do Satriani tone by album or his tone area? I’m more than happy to purchase!!
  2. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS !!, I will try it out this weekend for sure
  3. thanks guys and especially Glen, so far I bought this custom artist both volume and boutique amp vol 1, I don't have much time to tweak now due to family and job commitment, so it's huge help for me to get some specific tone done and bring to rehearsal, I'm in cover band where we do all kind of classic rock from 70 to 90s , so need wide range of tonality. I'm still looking for FRFR solutions...
  4. This is EXACT issue I have with both my Ax8 and Helix into FRFR, any tips you can provide how to tweak the preset or the purchase preset to avoid the muddy or bassy etc,.. ? I have EV ZLX and alto TS, both have same issues
  5. Does his pack transfer well to the PA system or do we have to adjust anything depend on the venues etc... ? all the video sound great through my headphone, I bought the Gilmour pack myself and his screen protector, can't wait
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