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  1. Here is my solution to it https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1LubDbh5y5vODBYM1o3Y2l0cm9hbDRwdVRSM3BuUTN4TGFv https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1LubDbh5y5vYkRvSng5M2hDLUtEaHhQenFwb21fQ3ZyMkZV so, hoffe das klappt jetzt mit den bildern........
  2. i also do own one of those G10´s and face the same problem..........just as the warranty time is over, exceeded by about 3 month or so, the usm port did fail on me. it failed while giggin..........which is about the unnicest thing i can imagine. just think about it, the unit failson you while being engaged in rhytm work on a rock song.......for a minute oer som, you leave the bassist, drummer, keyboardist and singer alone with them selves, leave the stage, dive into your ton of cables box, search for a 20 feat lengh, find it, plug it in and rejoin with your bandmates. how would that make you feel?? It left me quite angry for a while. now i stumbled across this thread here, studied the pictures of those mods and will do the mod! i know there will be no updating the unit but who cares? mine works fine the way it came out of the box, so what. thank you guys here for the illustration with pictures and the explanation of what to do........... :)
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