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  1. hey guys, So I tried to troubleshoot the issue that while moving computer, authorizing and installing everything, I noticed all the extra modeling that used to be included with the POD Farm/UX1 disappeared. So while trying to troubleshoot I accidentally deauthorized the UX1 and it does not allow me to authorize it again. It says "authorization pending" but now I am afraid to click the "remove"button and never be able to get it back to what it was again. What do I have to do fix this? And how to fix the Failed to load tone. Code 8000a200 error? thanks in advance
  2. ​Hello everybody! I'm new here and new with my UX1. I'm so far very happy with it. I have been searching swells packs for worship, but it seems the UX1 doesn't have that.. Am I right? No such/similar effects? I would appreciate if anybody with experience with this stuff would link me to some patches or addons or anything that could help me out, thank you in advance! veecharlie.
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