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  1. Just to clarify: The DT50 fuse rating for the power fuse is 10A. SLO-blow type Secondly, I did have it repaired at a Line6 authorized service dealer and they mentioned nothing about the cause of the transformer failure, which I believe they should've checked for before just installing a $180 part and giving it back to the customer. That led me to believe it was just a case of a transformer dying out, which I see at my job all the time with 5KV airfield lighting. From what I have read on this forum in several threads, was that this was a common failure that had a service bulletin written up on it, and had several defective transformers replaced under it. That may not be the case, but I just posted what I have read on the subject As I said, it's fixed, and I didn't expect Line 6 to cover the expense either way. The very least they could've done was give me an explanation of the bulletin I questioned, and given me specific reasons why mine did not fall under it (btw they never mentioned the bulletin to be about the fuse only). A possible reason of failure, as was given above, would also have satisfied my inquiry about what may have caused this problem so I could do some preventive checks and maintenance to ensure I don't have the same problem in the future. Had they told me a bad tube could cause this (which I asked about when I dropped it off) they would've gotten the extra money for replacing all of them for me while they had it in their shop being these tubes are hard to get if you're not a service dealer...
  2. CraigGT, the manufacturer stamps information such as max fuse ratings for a reason. That's what nameplates on all electrical products are for. They give you the electrical specs for that equipment. The fuse that was in my amplifier was well under that maximum nameplate rating. I've been an electrician for almost 30 years and I can tell you with certainty that it's fine to use a fuse up to, but not exceeding, the fuse rating on the equipment you're using. Upon researching and seeing how this transformer failure was a commonnly known problem, and even had a service bulletin put out on these transformers, I opened a ticket with line 6 to see if my amplifier was, indeed, one that was under said bulletin and if I was due a reimbursement of the money I had spent out of pocket to replace it. I was asked to provide the serial number and date of manufacture and was later told that it was not under that bulletin. I didn't think they'd own up to this being a defective part and reimburse my expense, but I figured I give it a shot. I am disappointed that they didn't attempt to make my issue right but I also understand that it was well past the warranty and they really didn't have to. I love Line 6 products and still have a Flextone III, Spider III, and an AMPLIFi but like anything else, it's always about the money.
  3. I am an electrician and I understand fuses. The fuse holder was labeled "10A max". That's why I was under the impression that the 5A fuse was undersized and possibly the cause of my problem. The 8A fuse was fine to use but when it blew immediately, I knew there was more to the problem.
  4. Glad you got it figured out but I don't understand why it would stop switching between classes properly. I was going to reply that it could possibly be the expression pedal switch position changing and going to a wah setting. I had that problem for awhile and drove me crazy. I figured out that the switch for the wah on one channel was on a different EXP channel that the other. Set them both the same and it fixed my problem.
  5. Bought a used DT50 2-12 a few months ago. I get an annoying ringing sound (like metal on glass) only in topology III. I checked the tube restraints and they're tight. Only thing I can figure is the tubes' inners vibrating but doesn't make sense to only happen in TOP III. Anyone have any ideas about this? The amp works fine in that TOP but the ringing is driving me crazy.
  6. Got my DT50 repaired. The main power transformer is what died. Back up and running again now.
  7. Had a similar thing happen to my DT50 last week. Was using my HD500X with it and after a few hours of playing, the power went dead on the amp. The power cord receptacle fuse had blown. It had a 5A fuse in it but I saw it could take a 10A max so I went out looking for fuses figuring with the length of use, the tubes got hot enough to draw more than 5 amps. Only could find 6.3A/250V fuses so I tried one. It blew immediately when turning the amp on. Made a service ticket with Line 6 to try to get some answers. Waiting for them to get back to me. The Guitar Center Pro Coverage I got when buying this used amp doesn't kick in for another couple months. Using my Flextone III in the meantime.
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