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  1. Ok, thanks for your reply. I found that the FBV express MKII should be able to connect to my TT. Can I use my TT with this pedal to get o good looping function? Have anyone tried this?
  2. HI! Is there any way of getting just a decent looper pedal connected to my TT? From what I can understand it´s possible thru the FX100 for instance, but I just want a loop function not an extra multi-effects unit. Is it impossible to connect the Boss RC-3 pedal to my tt? That would be awesome though :) //Axel
  3. I thought of that aswell, I might try that. Thanks BillBee!
  4. Thanks, appreciate your answer. I'll buy a set of those ones. Just liked the idea of recycling my old speakers, but I guess they go back up on the attic again then :)
  5. Its a passive speaker that I used for my technics 2x30w amp/cd- player back in the 90's The speaker would get Power from my TT i reckon?
  6. I want go get a nice sound of my TT, while jamming with my LP. Use RF phones most of the time but sometimes i like Max up the volume :) The speaker would give a deeper/better base sound and overall sound rather than thru my 6" 25w Cheap nobrand amp?
  7. Can't quite get it to work though. Since I only have one speaker i can only connect to one of the RCA outputs in the back. (Main out) So left or right whould'nt make any difference?
  8. OK, Thanks. Will connect thru the back of the TT then.
  9. Well pretty much as the topic reads above. Can't find info in the manual regarding impedance tolerence. Don't want any of the devices getting overheated. Connected the speaker thru the headphonejack yesterday and it sounds great. /Axel
  10. It works great. For now I connect my tt to the RF phones and for the guitar I use i 25' long cable. There is no latency at all and I cranc up the volume to 90% on the tt so that i can keep my phones on 30-40% By doing that I get almost no humming sound in my phones. I would def recommend this solution. Perhaps I will buy a G10 so i can drop the cable, but I have a Les Paul so the dongle sticks out too much on the side according to me. Often I sit in my recliner when I play and then I find it more convenient with a cable with a angeled connector.
  11. Hi, I like to jam with my LP Honeyburst at home with my phones on, not to disturb the rest of the family too much. I have this crazy idea that I'm gonna buy a G10 to try and connect my G10 Receiver/Dockingbase directly in to my Amplifi TT. For output I 'm thinking of adding my RF phones so I can go full wireless? Which is of great advantage in my home. Theese are my phones: https://goo.gl/images/wakws7 Will it work thou? Br Axel
  12. I'm not shure if it's gonna work, but get a TT instead. It's way more versatile i think.
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