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  1. Thank you Vaiai, that’s the information I was looking for and I do understand it’s a standard tone but it’s something about the sustain, depth and overall smoothness that draws me to this tone. I wouldn’t necessarily use this for Wonderful Tonight but I just like the tone in general for other material that my bands do play. The sample was actually played on a Peavey axe from what I saw in the video. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  2. Well then mikah912, it should be pretty easy for you to point me in the right direction as to what pedals you'd recommend. Maybe I'm hearing something unique to my ear but this isn't just a typical tone that every player in my area uses which is why I asked for suggestions.
  3. Awesome thanks so much, I’m going to try that. I really appreciate it.
  4. Dunedindragon I wasn’t aware the file had to be downloaded I thought the video would simply play on the discussion forum like it does on my end. I’m not using any amp whatsoever, I go straight from my pedal to the FOH. I do use in-ears for my monitors on stage but I don’t use an FRFR on stage. Oliverjez i I completely understand how my own playing style can affect tone etc as I’ve been playing for over twenty years however I’m simply trying to get close to the tone heard in the video. This is not a pro players tone so I cannot search for the tone which is why I was asking on here. I’ve downloaded many tones from customtone so that’s no issue, I’m trying to recreate something I heard online from another guitarist who wouldn’t be found in the tone library. Basically I’m asking where would you start when trying to create this tone? Would you go to a boss, Ibanez etc. it’s almost like a clean OD and I’m trying to determine where to start. Thanks
  5. I have a specific tone I’d like to create with my helix (one month owner here). Listen to the attached and please make suggestions as to the effects/pedals that you would use to achieve something close to this. If this info is needed I play direct from the pedal to the board and I play a strat and tele. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 36B2C553-9C05-4A81-B4DC-0A46767B1FC9.MOV
  6. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your quick response. The only thing different from the chain you listed above was I did put a compressor from the M13 in front of the rest of the chain because I wanted to compress my natural guitar tone just a bit. I've hooked it up and I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. I'm going to play with it the next couple of days and see if I can tweak it to my liking and if not I may bypass the loop all together and go with the signal chain you listed above. Again thank you for your input, I greatly appreciate it.
  7. I have a Line6 M13 and I would like to hook up my external effects to get the best possible tone out of my gear. I don't know a lot about effect loops etc so anyone who could possibly advise me, it would be greatly appreciated. Please see my gear list below: Line6 M13 Vox AC15C1 Amp (No Effect Loop) Ibanez TS808 Boss BD-2 Vox Wah - V847 Is it possible to hook up my external effects into the effects loop in the pedal without using the 4 cable method since my amp does not have that? I love the tones I'm currently getting out of my M13 and the Vox amp but I would like to use my external pedals as I like those drives better than the tones internally. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
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