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  1. Dear Kilrahi, Scallybert & Phil-m, Many thanks for your responses. I am now leaning toward the HX Effects. Another week of research and try-out at Sam Ash (if they have either or both on the "floor"). Indeed, the midi functionality, having 9 blocks, and the ability to turn individual effects on and off in real time is a big positive factor. I just did think of one more question. 1. Are the custom tones created by users (y'know, regular guys like us, devilishly handsome, 61/2 feet tall with far too much chest hair) "cross-useable?" Meaning, if you go to the "customtone" downloads section on Line6's site and you have, for example, the HX Effects, can you use a "custometone" created for the HX Stomp for your HX Effects unit? Thanks again and best wishes to all. Matt
  2. Dear Friends, Three questions to help me chose between the HX Effects or the HX Stomp. 1. Does the HX Stomp employ the same Transtronic Transistor & Diode Emulation (si & Ge) as does the HX Effects? 2. Does the HX Stomp employ the same Throbber virtual light bulb as does the HX Effects? 3. Do the amp and cab simulations/ IR's in the HX Stomp apply only to computer recording or to run out to a mixing board at a gig? Or, are they perfectly useable out of real Amps? My set-up is simple. Guitar - Effects - stereo out to two amps for composing and mic recording. Thanks and best wishes, Matt
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