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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, my pc is freshly updated and I did a complete fresh install on all the most recent Helix software a few times with no luck as of when I first posted, I tried plugging into my buddies MacBook today and there was again, no indication that anything was plugged in. I'm thinking I'll need to open a ticket?
  2. I should have specified, the Helix editor isn't recognizing it either, beginning to think the port is broken
  3. Hey everyone, first post here! PC is running windows 10 64 bit I've had my Helix a little over a year now and had a problem once in the past with it bricking when I tried to update it (first day I got it actually) and by some stroke of luck I tried again to uninstall, reinstall and reupdate and it worked and all was well, have updated once since with no problems. Tonight however I went to plug my helix into another pc after a fresh driver and updater install and the pc isn't recognizing the device at all, no beeps or recognition that hardware is being attached whether or not the computer is communicating with it correctly, I tried 3 different usb cables and all my usb ports, all of which work with other devices. This is leading me to believe it may be a hardware issue? I used the device to record a few days ago but used a 1/4" out and an interface, other than that the last time I used the usb port was in December so I'm not sure how long it would've been broken. If it is a software issue I'm not sure theres anything I can do to fix it without even being able to connect it to a computer. If anyone has had this issue or could offer some advice that would be great. Thank you!
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