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  1. Apparently the app isn't smart enough to understand special characters in a password. I changed it again to a much less secure password with only numbers and letters and it worked first time.
  2. I called tech support and they said they would look into it. It's been a week and no response. I'm annoyed I can't use my amp.
  3. Recently I changed all my passwords including this one. Since I am logged in to post to the forum I'm confident my password is correct. But when I try to connect the iPad app to my amplifi 150 it fails to connect. I deleted the app and re-installed, I tried creating a new account but my old one is obviously in use by me. How do I get the remote app to connect?
  4. The application is called MusicStudio and I'm using version 2.5. The sound comes out the ipad speakers. All my other apps play through the Amplifi 150. This one wont.
  5. I'm having a few issues. First as the title of the thread states When I'm in the Amplifi app the Tuner option is greyed out and unavailable. Second, When I load and play a song the tones for the song load but it doesnt seem to change the sound of the guitar. I can cycle through the 4 presets on the actual amp with the tone button but there doesn't seem to be any way for me to get a tone to change using the app. Having Castles made of Sand by Hendrix and Am I Evil by Metallica sound the same seems to defeat the purpose of the whole thing. It seems like the app isn't controlling the amp at all I have an Amplifi150 paired to my ipad and I can hear the songs and play guitar directly from the Amp, the tones just don't change. Third, I also have the Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 but I can't get that sound to go out through the bluetooth to the amplifi amp. Is there any way to do that instead of using headphones or the ipad speakers because it isn't nearly loud enough even at max volume. Thanks.
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