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  1. Hello all! I got a used POD X3 Live recently. I've mainly been using headphones to play with it. However, even when I'm not playing anything, there's a constant noise. At first, I thought it might be a problem of my cables. But I tried a very good cable, and the noise still persists. I then thought it'd be a problem of my guitar, but I tried a friend's guitar, and the problem still persists. I tried plugging it to my friend's interface, and it clearly shows the noise. I tried changing the noise gates to tightest settings, but no change. I then tried using it as the USB interface. and (thankfully), there was no noise. So it seems to be an issue with the outputs. What could be the problem?
  2. You'd need to get the USB drives installed before to get anything else working.
  3. Yes, Reaper automatically bridges 32-bit plugins.
  4. Hi! For your first question, I don't think it's possible to put the loop as the starting point of the chain. But you should be able to use the one of the Line inputs on the back of the units to connect the compressor. And as for your second question, no, it's not directly possible to chain Tone è2 after Tone 1. But, I think you can get the output from the 1/4" outputs on the back, and feed that to the Line input, setting the input of Tone 2 as line input. Hope that helps!
  5. Hi! I recently got an X3 Live, so all the below information is from the manuals and my own logic. First question: Yes! Those are common to all devices of the X3 series. Second question: Here's a setup I think should work. Please mind that this setup will cause the guitar signal chain output to NOT have any cab simulation: 1. On the "1/4 inch outputs" page, set the Mode to "Combo front", "Combo pwramp", "Stack front", or " Stack pwramp". 2. Set Lows, Focus, and Highs as desired. 3. Set the Tone 1 to "On", Pan to full left (0%), Tone 2 to "On", Pan to full right (100%). 4. On the "Studio/Direct mix" page, set both Tone 1 and Tone 2 to "Off", Pan won't have any effect. Hope that answers your question!
  6. Solved! I thought that the page would say "XLR" explicitly, instead of "Studio/Direct"!
  7. Greetings everyone! This is my first post here! So, I recently picked up a used POD X3 Live. So far, so good. Have been using it on headphones only, so I thought I'd try to configure the outputs. So I opened up the "Outputs" menu. However, I can't seem to find any options to set the XLR outputs. All I can find are the settings for the 1/4" outputs. Am I doing something wrong? My flash memory version is 2.01, and USB firmware is 1.02, if that helps. With Regards, Rhitosparsh
  8. Hi! By now, you must've figured it out. Of course! Check the manual, it has instructions on how to do it. Regards.
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