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  1. GodSlaYeRz

    Confused about using the Spider amp with Cubase LE

    As I remembered, you just have to register Spider V product in this website. Then, you will get an activation code which you can use it at steinburg site.
  2. GodSlaYeRz

    Variax standard with Plug-in & Audio Interface

    Oh I see, thank you so much
  3. GodSlaYeRz

    Variax standard with Plug-in & Audio Interface

    What do you mean by just don't use the pickups?
  4. GodSlaYeRz

    Variax standard with Plug-in & Audio Interface

    Thanks for all replies. I will try it at a store first. But I thought I would better go with HSS / SSH strat for versatile guitar. :( Again, thank you so much.
  5. GodSlaYeRz

    Variax standard with Plug-in & Audio Interface

    Thanks cruisinon. I have checked many reviews on youtube. I thought I love it. 1. To have only 1 versatile guitar. 2. To go back to Strat 3. Only play at my home, no live or play with band 4. I love to record with DAW & Plug in Is there any other concerns that I should consider?
  6. I'm just planning to sell my Gibson Les paul tribute 2017 & Spider V 60, to get new Variax standard or Onyx If I can. Would it be a good idea to plug in Variax standard and play with Audio Interface & Plug-in. For example, Audient iD4 & Bias FX Any thoughts? I just need only 1 guitar that can get all possible sounds from strat, tele, les paul, and so on.
  7. GodSlaYeRz

    Spider v60 & Desktop PC Setup

    1. Yes, you can download Spider Remote PC version. Or you can just connect your iphone to Spider V, and edit your preset with Spider Remote Application. 2. Yes, you can 3. You can use it as a speaker, it's a full range speaker. I oftenly use it as my playback via iphone.
  8. GodSlaYeRz

    Spider V 60 - Getting distortion in every effect

    Make sure you turn off all FX and check the Gain knob in Amp.
  9. GodSlaYeRz

    Recording directly with Spider V or Audio Interface?

    Thank you so much. I have tried Helix Native Plug-in with Spider V Interface. I thought it doesn't work.
  10. Currently, I have no Audio Interface when recording. I just recorded directly with Spider V to PC, and no Post EQ. I would just like to know whether my sound will be better if I got a new Audio interface?
  11. GodSlaYeRz

    cloud access from PC spider app?

    I would be appreciated for this feature as well !
  12. GodSlaYeRz

    Helix Native questions

    Thank you so much. Unfortunately, so I should not sell my Spider V 60 regarding to question no. 1
  13. GodSlaYeRz

    Helix Native questions

    I'm very interested in Helix Native now. But I have some questions. 1. Does it support FBV Expess MKII as a footswitch? I have no idea how to use it on PC. For example, if I would like to use its pedal for Wah Wah effect. 2. Is it ok to use Spider V 60 as Audio Interface? Since I have a limited budget. Or I should sell it and purchase new Audio interface? 3. Does it include snap shot features like hardware version? 4. Does it provide same sound quality with hardware version? Thanks in advance.
  14. GodSlaYeRz

    Spider v recording

    I'm using Cubase LE as DAW on my PC. The output sound is a bit different from what I heard from AMP. I thought it's usual. Did you use Monitor Headphone or Active speaker when recording?
  15. GodSlaYeRz

    How to assign a pedal for Wah?

    I got FBV MKii express now. But how can I assign its pedal to toggle on/off Wah effect? I can assign express pedal now by holding a few second on position button. Wah effect is activated now. But how can I deactivate it with Pedal?