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  1. Thanks again GuitarDad! (To be clear for anyone who didn't see my other post. The Pitch Bend is in the SYN section, not MOD or WAH.)
  2. Thank you GuitarDad! That works pretty well. I originally thought I was hearing both notes amplified, but when I played with the mix and heard what playing both notes REALLY sounds like, I realized that I wasn't. I think what I'm hearing is just the limitations of pitch bending digitally. Everyone said it wouldn't sound very good, but this is workable for my needs. I appreciate your help. Mike
  3. Is there a way to do this without having a physical petal? I'd like to have the eqivalent of a pitch bent pedal that's been bent down one semitone. (The equivalet of drop tuning). I don't have an iOS or Android device, so I need to do this from the amp itself. When I edit a patch (press the Edit button) I can scroll down to a WAH section, and I see a number of options for the WAH, but none of them seem to be pitch bend. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  4. I tried pitch bend in the SYN section, but it plays the original note along with the bent one. You can adjust the mix, but only to quiet the bent note, not to remove the original. I don't see a section for pitch effects. Are there different effects available for different amp types? Maybe I've chosen an amp model that doesn't have pitch effects? <confused> I wish there was a deeper manual than the 3 page one that came with the amp. Mike
  5. I bought a Spider V 240 for my son for Christmas. I liked it so much that, when he took it away to college, I bought another one for myself. I just got it last week and am slowly figuring it out. (Thank you for letting me turn off the blinking tap light!) I would like a way to simulate tuning my guitar down a half step (open D#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D#). I know that doing this electronically won't sound as good as actually tuning the guitar, but for practicing the occasional drop-tuned song, it would probably be helpful. Is there an effect or setting that I can use to do this? Thanks, Mike Calligaro
  6. Is there any chance that you folks would consider either publishing the USB interface that the Spider V uses for the Remote Apps or open sourcing the iOS or Android apps? I would really like to control my new Spider V 240 from my PC, and I'd be happy to write the code to do it. I just need to know the interface to the amp. If you shared the code for the iOS or Android versions of the remote app, I could figure it out. Alternately, if you published the interface that the amp uses, I could write it from there. I voted up the two "please make a PC version" ideas on ideascale, but I know that you have scarce developent resources. You're faced with a choice between devoting those resources toward making your amps better or making PC versions of your software. And, if I were faced with that same choice, I'd probably choose to focus on the amps, not the software. But if you let the community help, you don't really ​need ​to make the choice. We can help you with the PC software while you focus on making awesome products. Best, Mike Calligaro
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