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  1. YAAAASSSSSS!!!!! That works!!! I made sure I had the latest update for my Spider V, and reloaded the most current driver. Then I changed the Playback Engine in ProTools to Spider. I was then able to record from the amp into my computer and onto a PT track with a clean signal. (I had been trying to get this to work because I was getting crackling and popping when I tried to record guitar through my Mbox interface. Fortunately, I don't have the crackle/pop issue when I record from my V Drums through the MBox into ProTools.) A minor bug with this fix was that all the ProTools audio played through my Spider. The sound output on my computer was set for the MBox, so I switched it to the headphone output on my computer, but the sound continued to come through the Spider. So, after recording my guitar track, I switched the Playback Engine in ProTools back to my MBox, and everything played again through my monitors. I will take this hassle over the frustration the crackle/pop was causing me. Thanks for the assistance!
  2. I wish a Line 6 rep would step in an answer this question. I'm also disappointed that there is no user manual beyond the little 7-page pamphlet that came with the amp. :(
  3. I've actually tried the others, but I knew it wouldn't make a difference. Thanks for taking the time to try to assist. :)
  4. There are multiple USB ports, but they are all the same.
  5. No. On the back of the 240 there's port A for connecting to iPhones and iPads, and port B for connecting to computers.
  6. Yes, I have done that. I'm running Windows 10 and Pro Tools 12. When my Spider V 240 is connected via the USB B port on the back to my PC, audio from my PC plays out of the 240, but I can't get Pro Tools to recognize the 240 as an input source. Thank you for your time and assistance, by the way. :)
  7. musicimpossible, did you ever figure out #2? I have my Spider 5 connected to my PC, but I can't get the input to show up on Pro Tools.
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