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  1. Sorry about that mate, it's hard to type in a foreign language when you are almost crying hahaha. =P Thank you Phil, i have just send the ticket, waiting for what happens.
  2. What support, line6 ones or the line6's certifyed workshop? because this one says that send it to them and pay the repair and maybe i can do something to earn 160€!
  3. Hi everyone! I have an out of warranty Helix that some time ago started to bulling me with a footswitch that when i press it... it's like pressing twice. It's the same Footswitch that allow you to start or stop a loop (obviously in the loop block). The cons of this are obvious: Do you want to stop the loop? Nope, it will not. Do you want to engage the booster? Nope! not this time buddy... So i was thinking in cleaning it with electronic cleaner spray (I don't know if it spells like that) but i don't know if i can break the led, the touch sensitive, clean without opening the back or if i should do it! So please, smart people o Line6 community... You are my last hope! Cheers!
  4. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Different-Guitar-profiles/923243-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments Maybe you like it, maybe you hate it, but i think that having different guitar profiles will acelerate and cover unexpected situation in a live situation, like have been EQ for Strat, a string get broke and you take a JEM or a tele.... you need different EQ... now!
  5. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/We-need-a-better-looper-a-metronome-and-or-a-rhythm-box/923239-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments We said many times, but i think it must be said once more... A metronome and/or a rhythm box, i think it's important to be able to practice at home or where you want without needing to use a youtube drum backingtrack on PC or Mobile phone... because we have Line6 Helix, the almighty machinnnnnnne hahaha
  6. Mate, i dont know how it should be programmed (it is Line6's work!) but if you have an On/off button in the looper block and it is Off by default always... there are no real problem. Fractal has it and i don't read any report of their users!
  7. Oh thank you. At least this wasn't that similar to praying a superb god that will ignore you because here i can do copy paste hahahaha. thnx!
  8. Thank you Line6 for the BE 100, my feelings to my Helix floor unit is right now true love, all the money (and efforts to earn it) now is paid... I can't wait to the channel 1. Futhermore, i had no hope in the Legacy effects, but once i saw it i understood it has few things in common with the stock effects of the Helix. But i think it's a nice moment to say what i think it would be interesting to be in the next patch (futhermore the friedman's ch 1 hahaha): I use Helix in ALL my musical moments, not only in live or in the rehearsal room, i also use it at home for practicing scales, arpegios... and i consider essential to improve the Looper time limit (i dont know if it is possible) AND add a metronome, please, we all NEED a metronome. Maybe inside the Looper as an extra option like the 1/2 time option... (if you let me start dreaming,it would be awesome the chance of change the tweak sounds and/or a rhythm box!!) And At least at the Helix Editor, a decibels meter that help to balance levels between effects and channels or snapshots. I think this two thinks are a "must be in", at least for a full time user like me. Cheers and thank you for your time!
  9. Hi there! Yesterday in the morning i talked with the technical service and this afternoon i will send it away... [i think i am going to feel nude without my helix :( ]. I have read about the warranty extension, but it's only on US, isn't it? I am from Spain... do i have any chance to extend it? OMG NO, i love it like a son xDDD I think not, but how knows?
  10. Hi everyone! Two months ago i got a Helix but with a year and a half of use already. Everything was ok but two or three weeks ago it started to do strange things... like Buzzing in the XLR output (the cable was new), the big volume pot is making noise in the signal some times (i need to move it a little to fix it), and the worst of all: one of the footswitches makes 2 pulses in one, it is that when i push it, it's like if i push it two times, futhermore is the footswitch that starts the recordings in the loop and as you can imagine... it become VERY annoying. So my question is: is the warranty going to help me or i should sell the last kidney? Note: i registered as mine a month ago
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