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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm Having this peculiar issue with my Helix - Not sure when did this issue start, but basically when I record from my Helix Floor into audacity (using USB cable connected to my Windows laptop), there is this static noise that appears every second of the recording. I've attached a sample of what i'm facing- very audible clicks in the track! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1n8jCRRd-U1PSxY9uMeY7ALMmXI0DtrRi However I do not hear this sound when monitoring through my headphones Any idea what is causing this issue? Things I have tried but to no avail, include: -Removing AC power from the laptop the USB cable is connected to -Updating from Helix 2.8 to 2.82 Firmware -Try another USB port on the laptop -Ensuring "Volume" Control set at 0 (only phone's knob is on) -Turning off the unit, tun on the ground lift option, and try again (does not help) -Plug in another guitar into the helix -Change Global settings USB in 1/2 Destination to multi or 1/4 (also does not help), or lower usb in 1/2 trim by 0.3db Any other ideas that I could try in fixing this? Or is this an issue with my Helix? Or my laptop? Also any free software to recommend to record with the helix will be appreciated :) Thank you! Statis noise.mp3
  2. Hi everyone, I have an Amplifi 150 and i kinda love the guitar effects and was considering to buy a pedal footswitch to control its effects. Which pedal is better suited/your preference while using it with an AMplifi? FBV Shortboard MKII or FBV 3? I noted that the FBV 3 has some features (E.g. Programmable lights) Which are not compatible with Amplifi 150. FBVShortboard MKII: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-shortboard-mkii FBV 3: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv3 Thanks!
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