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  1. I just recently purchased the powerstage 700. It's pretty much all I'll ever need. lol
  2. I've been using my helix as my interface and its worked very well into cubase 5 for all of my guitar recordings. Recently I began to start adding synths and others VSTi's and I start getting an ASIO time overload and it will pop and crackle the audio. computer specs: Motherboard MSI 970A SLI Krait Edition AM3+, CPU AMD FX-8320 Vishera 8-Core 3.5 GHz, graphics card MSI GeForce GTX 960, Power supply 500w Rosewill Glacier RAM 16gb hyperX fury HDD Mushkin 250gb SSD Seagate 1tb HDD Sometimes I'll get this issue with just 1 instance of serum running...I've opened task manager and looked at the CPU/RAM performance and neither of them are being put under a huge load. Last night I started to mess around with ASIO driver settings and then swapping over to other drivers (ASIO4ALL) with even worse results. Now i've created an entirely different issue because I have no sound coming from cubase at all after I switched back to the asio helix driver and it also has the input/output latency pretty high.
  3. Looking to trade my helix floor model + cash for a helix rack + controller. my unit has been kept inside my smoke free studio on a stand its whole life. located in Houston, TX
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