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  1. Ok, disregard this one. I neglected to hit the "mode" button when I would change between patches. when I hit that button the scribble strip displayed correctly. d'oh! carry on, nothing to see here :)
  2. vindaloo

    Odd naming bug

    I did reset everything when I went to 1.06, but not 1.06.5. Frankly I find it to be a pain in the butt that I have to erase all of my global settings after each update, and there's no way to back up the global settings (tuner offsets, eq, etc).
  3. vindaloo

    Odd naming bug

    Sorry, I should have mentioned that I'm on 1.06.5. Thanks DI, if you need more info let me know.
  4. vindaloo

    Odd naming bug

    Trying to rename a preset that's called "New Preset". In the save menu I rename it "Hendrix" and clear out any remaining unused letters, in this case there is an "et" at the end that gets deleted. I then save the preset, and it saves and displays it correctly. However, if you try to re-save the preset what I see is "Hendrix et". This is repeatable, no matter how many times I update the name this keeps showing up.
  5. I've run in to a problem that I can't seem to fix: I'm trying to customize the scribble strip over the expression pedal ("wah" for example, or "vol - wah") and it will let me enter the text, and I can save it, but if I change to a different preset and then come back to the edited one it goes back to "exp1 exp2". Any ideas?
  6. Here's how I've got my talkbox configured: - send 1 -> mini Marshall 12w head -> Dunlop Heil talkbox - send/return block (tied to one of the footswitches) routes signal to send 1 and you can configure how much (if any) signal goes out of the Helix outputs in addition to what you're sending to the talkbox. I will eventually be switching out the Marshall head for one of the Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum pedals to reduce space and get more power.
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