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  1. Is there somebody else to advice on this matter? Thanks
  2. I cannot download this as windows does not recognize this file.
  3. Hi there again Well I have 2 channel amp and clean sound is great but overdriven sound is very thin fuzzy and just not the tone of my amp. I do not run any effects or amp simulations. If somebody can help I appreciate I am just new in all of this Thanks
  4. Are you saying amp modeling cannot be turned off globally so I have to select amp off for each patch? I lo me amp so I just need to have some good effects that is all. Thanks
  5. Is there anybody to let me know how to do this with my HD Pro X? Thanks
  6. I run my rig through Voodoo Labs GCX/Ground Control Pro. Yesterday I called Line 6 and they told me to get amp fx send to the front of POD and POD FX send to amp FX return. Also I was told that amp models within POD must be disabled and I must create Effect loop blocks within POD in order to get sound out of it. Now I have to figure how to create effect blocks.If somebody can reply to that I would appreciate it Thanks Proxy
  7. Hi there Obviously I am new to this and please excuse me being dumb If there is somebody to instruct me a bit here about connections with my amp effect loop and also how to bypass all amp modeling in the unit I would appreciate it very much Thanks Up the Irons !!!
  8. That is what I would like to know too. I wanna use this unit as an effects in the loop
  9. Hi there New owner of a HD Pro X rack.... I just need to use this unit for effects with my hand wired amp.In the loop I guess .... I am sure there is somebody here with the same set-up. I would appreciate if there is somebody that can influence me how to set up my rig as I just got the unit and there is so much more to learn here I am controlling it with Voodoo Lab GC Pro/GCX.... Thanks
  10. I have updated all software with Monkey but still cannot find in knowledge base how to get my HD Pro X to factory setting. I would appreciate if you can post a link or some informations how to do this Thanks
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