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  1. Makes me realize I know very little about this processor. Thanks for the tips, I’m gonna go home and sit down with the manual and try to figure out how to do what you suggested lol im really trying to avoid going back to analog pedals for the second time lol, I did this before with a Digitech gsp 2112 and ended up selling it for analog pedals and don’t want that to happen again until I’ve really given it a good try.
  2. Hello all, i originally bought the hd500x for use with my deville 410 amp as a super clean base. I was able to find a few patches I liked, but recently I bought a bassbreaker 15 and fell in love with it. It has the great tube drive I always liked when my deville was on 10 but didn’t want to go deaf. Long story short plugged my pod my pod into the bassbreaker and it just takes away everything I liked about the amp. I’ve tried with no modeling into the input of the amp with it set up for a combo yet still not a true sound of the amp. any tips for setting up the pod as a stomp box emulator with as limited effect on the signal as possible?
  3. Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a shot! If I can ask a second question, probably a stupid one, why do I have no volume control from the amp with the 4 cable method? Does it bypass the volume and drive knobs altogether? And with that being said I kinda like the lower volume I get from the pod hd500x but if ever needed how would I get the full potential of my amp because even with the master all the way up and the modeled amp up I feel like it's nowhere near the max volume my amp can push
  4. Hello, Just trying four cable method for the first time, and whenever I'm using the fx loop my fender DeVille sounds like the drive is crancked and it's at 0. Not sure how to get a clean sound out of 4cm, all overdrive pedals are off before fx loop. Any tips?
  5. Thank you!!! Now it makes sense, I'm sure the execution will take some learning but the theory at least makes sense
  6. That definitely helps but leads to another question lol, if I have the fx on would I just assign the amp modler to a footswitch to turn off the model? Or is that was you mean by set the amp model bypass to zero? I'm assuming it will make more sense when i start setting up presets.
  7. Hello all, So i just ordered my pod hd500x yesterday and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I have read many a site and the advanced guide but i am still confused on the setup a little. I'm not even sure I can do what i am thinking but i assume it can. I am planning on running 4 cable method into my blues DeVille 4x10. I have figured that setting an fx loop within the signal chain will send the signal out to the preamp of the amp and then back to the pod before the power amp right? And if so can you create a patch that can toggle between my devilles preamp and a modeled one while retaining pre and post effect options or would that have to have different patches? And if so how? I'm hoping that maybe this would become very apparent when i receive the unit but seems complex by reading the guide. Sorry if it's a stupid question.
  8. Hello, My current set up is a MiM strat through a few analog pedals into a fender blues DeVille 410. I used to have a DigiTech gsp2101 and rp7 and when i got the DeVille i sold those because i became a snob and only wanted authentic sound lol. With that said I've realized i need some more effects and building the pedal board i want would be too expensive. I was gonna get the m13 but then i heard about the 4 cable method. My question is i want to be sure that I understand how that works. My impression is I can go from my guitar into the pod then to my regular input followed by preamp out back to pod then to power amp in. Will the pod automatically switch to bypassing the preamp if a amp model is selected? And if no amp model selected will i still be able to get the natural tone of my DeVille? Otherwise i like the extra features of the pod but don't want to lose the sound i bought my amp for. On a side not can you loop analog pedals into the mix with the pod? Still have a few I really like.
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