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  1. I'm having tons of noise also. Both before upgrading device and after, though it does happen less frequently after the update. But it is still present and horrendous when it happens. Has to be the worst experience with a Line 6 product I have had to date. Pod go directly plugged into a USB hub, hub into Mac with Catalina 10.15. Same exact setup with the HD500X has no noise at all. It's definitely isolated to the Pod Go.
  2. Usually if you have to tell people you’re nice (super nice, even), it’s not true. Your actions and how you treat people typically let people know how nice you are. Luckily, we know now. Cheers, mate. I hope your day got better for you in 2019. ;-)
  3. I have set the volume to one and wah to the second. However, it would not work right. It required having to turn the WAH on with a footswitch, then I could use the EXP pedal to play the WAH. At any rate, I just found this below that shows how to set it up the way I prefer. It sets the volume pedal as a control of the output of the amp, not as a block in the pedal chain.
  4. I just got an HD500X myself, upgraded from a Line 6 Floor Pod Plus. The Floor Pod Plus does just as you described. Expression pedal is volume by default. By pushing it forward, you activate the WAH. The only way I have found, so far on the HD500X, is just as you have described, assigning WAH to a footswitch, tapping FS to activate, then using the pedal. I keep feeling we have GOT to be missing something though. I can't see Line 6 building something as awesome as the HD500X, and making it harder to simply use a WAH and a volume pedal. That would make the obsolete Floor Pod Plus almost better to use.
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