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  1. Well OK after a great deal of trial and error I finally got this thing set up. I researched back through some additional posts and found the solution. Now I can play and try it. Thanks, sorry about the rant. It was frustration driven.
  2. Right now I am feeling pretty stupid, but I shouldn't. I am no techno idiot but I am feeling like one trying to do the initial setup for the Helix LT. I want to install the Helix Editor, Helix application and firmware update I have read the instructions through several times and am completely frustrated. I had the HD500x and updated everything with no problems and could go on about how I have set up my network, recording studio, DAW etc but I won't waste your time trying to prove that I do know a little bit about technology. Why isn't there a simple step by step instruction on how to do this. I have version firmware 2.12.1 on my LT. The instructions at Line 6 say to install the correct editor first. Well, I cannot find the editor software anywhere on the Line 6 site and obviously I don't have The Editor Software on my MacBook Air. I downloaded the bundle at the bottom of the page, but it doesn't know where to install it when I try to install it. If someone could walk me through this or refer me to a video or instruction on how to do this and where to find the software I would really appreciate it. I found plenty of videos on YouTube about how to update the software but nowhere to show how to initially install the Editor Software. If I am having this many problems with this, I can't imagine what a person who really is not proficient must go through getting this thing up and running.
  3. tonyzubo

    Out of the Box

    I just purchased my new LT and plan to set it up tomorrow. Anyone care to share your most helpful tips and/or threads that were useful in getting you up and running?
  4. I just bought my LT. I need to do all the updating tomorrow. Is there a simple, step by step link somewhere showing how to go through the downloading process for the updater, the editor software and firmware update. This thread is making this seem really complicated. I am pretty computer literate, but this thread is making this whole process seem pretty complicated. I handled my HD500X pretty easily, but this sounds much more complicated.
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