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  1. Awesome! Where did you find that material? I ended up using some large foam mic covers doubled up with a snipped open hole in the top. They fit great and help. But any wind on the mic tears horribly. I’m going to figure out a dead cat for this mic asap so I can record outside.
  2. Attempting to figure out a way to record an electric guitar with effects like through mobile pod and simultaneously be able to record vocals as if you were playing live. Preferably with the guitar on one track and the mic on a separate track. It seems like this is possible since the device takes two inputs and brings them into my iPad, but it doesn't seem like garageband has the capability? Basically Guitar in to SPVX through pedals and amps in MobilePod into garageband to record as a track. While simultaneously Recording through SPVX microphone into a separate track in garageband. Or subsitute another app that has the capability. I know most folks are probably laying down the guitar and then singing to it, but most of the music I make is essentially live. So for example I am singing and playing guitar together and it's much easier to keep the tune and stay in sync playing and singing together than to try to sing along with a pre recorded guitar track.... Mahalos!
  3. Any tips for getting rid of the buzzing feedback I am getting when I plug the sonicport into a power source. Obviously it's going to drain the battery real quick if I just run off my iPad battery, but whenever I plug it into a power source there is insane buzzing coming through when monitoring. What's the deal do I need a ground loop isolator? Mahalo
  4. Aloha, wondering if anyone has come up with a foam windscreen for the Sonic Port VX. Pretty sure that recording in the field would be greatly improved. My thought so far is just to pick up a standard mic cover that fits dimensionally and snip the top off for access to inputs and outputs. Just figure I am not the first to have the idea and wanted to see what was out there. Using a pop screen in the studio is the jam but outside it's picking up a lotta background noise. Rock on Namaste
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