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  1. I no longer use my Firehawk FX multi-effects pedal. I've gigged with it twice; it's in new condition, with original box and packaging. Any interest out there?
  2. I'm no longer using my Firehawk FX multi-effects pedal. I've gigged with it twice, it's in new condition, and I have original box with packaging. Any interest out there?
  3. I'm selling my Firehawk FX. Less than a year old; gigged twice with it; like new, including box with packaging. Any interest at $250.00?

  4. "Decibel 10th," or something like that. Just check the app store, there are probably several - free (with ads) and pay (without ads). Not the most accurate, but when you're up around 95-100dB, and there's so much variation with string attack and frequency/pitch, I think it works well enough.
  5. I agree. Creating patches while running through a live amp/speaker rig is best. Also, FWIW, when creating tones, I use a decibel meter (iPhone app) to ensure my volume levels are consistent across tone patches, as well as when I switch on distortion from clean tones.
  6. rofskyj1

    Tone libraries

    Good suggestions. Thank you.
  7. rofskyj1

    Tone libraries

    Does Firehawk (or the app) allow you to create more than one library of tones? For example, I've got a list of tones for a cover band, but may want to create tones for a second cover band. Or...I may want to create a separate library for gigs, in which only songs for the set list appear. Possible? Thanks.
  8. mcbeddall: Really? Thanks for the tip. I will try that.
  9. I'm new to the Firehawk FX. I mostly love the operation and definitely the sonic freedom. FWIW, if Line6 is "listening," I think the effect activation buttons should be placed in front of the bank/preset (A, B, C, D) buttons. When playing a song live, it's more important to be able to quickly activate an effect without having to navigate a large shoe over a row of other buttons (for fear of hitting one during the song). The other "bug" is that if you want to play a wah during a song, you have to activate it with a separate button, then move your foot onto the wah pedal.....very awkward. Perhaps a future optical activated wah (the optical trigger can be bypassed when the volume pedal is chosen). Thanks for listening.
  10. Thank you for your help. On another topic.....while I was creating my patches (live, while plugged into my Fender tube amp), I noticed the volume/drive levels of the amp models in FH were very high. I had to turn them WAY down in the app, and they were saved that way to my tones. That brought up the question/concern over volume level variation between patches while playing live. Is there a way to regulate this while creating patches? If the volume levels are high or low during band performance, can I just manually change the volume on the FH or the app, then "save" the new setting with the new volume level? Thanks, in advance.
  11. I started using the FH fx, with the remote app on my old iPhone 4. Works great, but now want to upgrade to iPad. I've created some 20 custom tone patches. When I switch, will I lose these? How do I switch? (I'm thinking, upload my tones from my iPhone to the cloud, download the app on the new iPad, then retrieve my tones from the cloud??)
  12. I purchased the Firehawk FX to "try" and because I didn't want to buy an iPad prior to committing to the Firehawk FX, I downloaded the Firehawk remote app on my old iPhone 4. Well....I really like my new toy, and am ready to spend the extra cash for an iPad. My question is this: I've already created custom tone patches for some 20 songs I play. When I change from my iPhone 4 to a new iPad, will any of this data be lost? How do I transfer? Thanks.
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