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  1. Hey hey hey. Buenos dias. I know that I am EXTREMELY late to input on this but what I have is relevant info to the OP. Here is what I just did to fix this issue. Saw the original fix someone posted on the forum. The voltage converter I ended up with was larger than the one from the other fix pic so I had to use the enclosure/case from the old/broken unit to house the connections and make my ARTISTIC statement : ) I definitely did manage to have some fun with the project as well. Check out my "FRANKENSTEINed GatorHEaD L6 G10 - 9VDC to 5VDC Voltage conversion" PLUS I repurposed an old GATOR that I was able to make look like Don King . Keep in mind that as CRAZY as it may look, IT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Cheers.....
  2. Good morning friends. I just put the final finishing touch on the Gatorhead Line 6 G10 power modification. I have taken the official wind screen from my Zoom Q2 and found the perfect use for it. Check it out.
  3. Check out my GATORHEAD Line 6 G10 Receiver fix for the USB breaking power design problem/issue. My story began many, many years ago deep in the FUNK of the back woods bayou of Louisiana where I wrestled this massive 3.5 foot GATOR who is now a permanent fixture on my newly "FRANKENSTEINed" Line 6 G10 receiver. The rest of the story went as so. I originally purchased the G10 unit and originally enjoyed MANY gigs with it UNTIL one dreadful day when I bent the XMTR post from throwing my BASS around on stage much like a clown who juggles in the circus will juggle their pins, and the unit no longer worked. I then proceeded to order and receive the news. XMTR. I unfortunately did not get 1 more gig out of the unit as the USB input broke on the receiver during the middle of the 3rd song of the 1st set. I was ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED. I have now received yet ANOTHER replaced/purchased RCVR, and I am EXTREMELY pleased, proud, and stoked to introduce to you my newly reborn, modified and "FRANKENSTEINed" GATORHEAD G10 RCVR 9VDC power mod. Unfortunately I couldn't find the smaller voltage converter to make it all work in 1 self contained unit so that is why I used the old shell as well to make it all work. As you can see I DEFINITELY had some FUN with it. #LAUGHOUUTLOUD #FULLYFUNCTIONAL I am going to ALSO order the breakaway magnetic usb mini connector so if I ever want to use the USB input on the RCVR for firmware upgrading I can and there won't be any undue stress put on the female input/connection. CHEERS......
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