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  1. I've had the fbv3 for a year now w no issues, I went to turn on today and on the screen it only shows FBV 3 v1.00.00 the pedal won't turn on at all...how do I fix this??? I literally just played this at a show the other day and it worked fine
  2. Thanks! I will def look at the 421, tonight after work!
  3. Good idea....what about the Bogner they have in their called Bomber....I been tweaking that a bit doesn't sound too bad...
  4. is there a way to upload this tone on the line 6 cloud for spider users? https://uk.line6.com/customtone/tone/2993884/ - AIC Them Bones
  5. I have been looking for the right tone for Jerry Cantrell, I prefer the tone he has now, on the last two albums although I do love the Bogners! I was on the Spider App, looking in the cloud for a really good one but I cant find one that's worth saving or even tweaking...Anyone have any suggestions? I cant afford the Friedman so I figured this was the best bet. I am in an AIC tribute, been playing in it for 8 years, but im constantly chasing the tone...I use G&L's as well...Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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